Pre Registration For 7PM And All Specialty Classes

As many of you may know, we require sign up for 5 AM class by 9PM the night before in order to ensure a coach will not show up without athletes to coach. This is not only for the convenience of the coach, but also to keep you accountable. The sign up rule will now be extending to the 7PM class and specialty classes (Burn, Barbell Club, and Endurance Club). Pre-registering for class will allow the coaching staff more flexibility and preparedness as well as keep you accountable to showing up to class at least three times per week. 7PM class will need to be pre-registered by 4:30PM of the same day and specialty classes will need to be pre-registered by 3:30PM of the same day. If nobody is registered by these times, the class will be taken off the schedule for that day.

We encourage all of you to pre-register for all the classes you will attend, regardless of whether or not they are in the middle of the day, or at the extreme ends. By pre-registering, you are committing to sticking to a plan. The best training program in the world that you don’t stick to is not as good as decent program that you are consistent with. I highly believe in what we are doing as a fitness program here, but if you are not consistent and committed it will not work. Pre-registering will all give the coach an idea of how many athletes are going to show up, so he or she can set up the floor and prepare for a large class in advance in order to save your time and keep class moving!

Below is a table of the times by which classes MUST be pre-registered.

Class Pre-register time Day before/Day of
5 AM 9PM Day Before
Specialty (Burn, BBC,   EC) 3:30PM Day Of
7PM 4:30 PM Day OF