Do you count your successes?  How often do you?  Is it every day?  Or, is it when we do a named workout or a strength lift only?

Too often we chase after benchmarks and don’t notice that we are making strides along our fitness journey each and every day.

This week we will be celebrating victories everywhere.  We will be celebrating Podium Week Dec. 17-21st.  It will help us recognize and celebrate our progress and help us see what REALLY goes on at CrossFit Five Plus.  We did this a while back and it was by far one of my favorite weeks at the gym.

How does this work???

Every class this week you will be asked to set a goal within the workout that will give you something to chase after within the workout itself.   It can be the total time, number of reps, or weight you lift…but do not stop there.  The coaches will be working with you on this as we have spent time planning and preparing for this week specifically.

For example, in “Jackie,”

Complete for time

1,000m Row

50 Thrusters (empty bar)

30 pull-ups

there are at least four opportunities to do something you may have never done before:

1) row 1000m faster than ever before.
2) Do 50 unbroken thrusters.
3) Do 30 unbroken pullups
4) Finish the workout

in a PR time.

…and I’m sure you already see MORE opportunities, right?

So with that being said…  Please come in and get excited to challenge yourself within the workouts.  Get excited when you hit your goal, and do not be surprised when your coach asks you to stand on a makeshift podium and snap a picture of you.

Excited to see you there,

Coach Chris