We love seeing all of your faces come to the gym each and every day to improve yourself. In the gym you’re lifting, running, doing gymnastics and MOVING with intention and intensity, but thats only an hour of your day. Are you moving well the other 23 hours? 

We always say that coming to the gym and working out is the easy part. You all know its not “easy” but it is easier than say eating healthy 24/7, making sure you’re regularly stretching, or being self aware of postural positions throughout the day. While it is great that you are making an effort to improve yourself in the gym, It is just as important to improve yourself away from the box. 

Stretching and taking care of your body can’t only be a priority for 1 hour a day. Nobody ever got better at anything with a 1/24th effort!

  • If you had a desk job, or any job that requires you to sit in poor postural positions for any length of time, make sure you’re regularly taking breaks to stretch and mobilize you’re thoracic spine! Go through some Cat/cows or flexion/extention/rotation of the spine. Also, try to remember not to be tense in the shoulders as your work at your desk during the day.
  • If you lack mobility in lifts in the gym, you lack quality FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT! spend time opening those parts of your body that are preventing from moving as you were made to move!
  • Move all day! – sit in a bodyweight squat for 5 minutes, when you pick something off the floor, remember its a deadlift, when you reach overhead remember not to overextend your low back. These are all things that will make you move better. Better movement = lower risk of injury and a longer life of doing the cool things you want to do!

Movement can’t be 1 hour a day, make it your primary job to move often and move well.

-Coach Andrew