2018 CrossFit Five Plus

Intramural Open

Gone are the Babies, Animals Dutchmen and Mighty Leprechauns…

In 2018 we will be tackling the most heated rivalry in all of history.

Dan vs Dave?  No

Yanks vs Sox? Duke vs UNC? No and No

Pats vs Eagles?  Again NO.

This year for our Intramural Open is the Battle of the Sexes.

For five weeks on Fridays we will be competing against some of our best friends…that will now be our fiercest enemies.  Will it be a test of performance? No way the men are far too intimidated to go that route.  This year it will be solely on participation, spirit, as well as fashion…. all things the men feel confident in (insert sarcasm).

The CrossFit Open is a special time of the year for us because it allow us to celebrate the progress we have made over the previous year by testing ourselves in workouts that are written to test and challenge the most fit CrossFit athletes in the world.  It will be a great time for people get their first ______ (double under, muscle up, pull-up…).

We will be running our Friday Night Lights every week with the first heat starting between 4:45 and 5:00 and then run until everyone has gone.  It is a great time for a lot of people to come, workout and maybe grab some food as friends afterwards.  Please plan on registering for heats on Friday night via ZenPlanner starting on Thursday nights after the workout is announced.

Each week there will be a chance for people to earn points for their teams (multiple people can win).  Points can be earned by..

Attendance- 1 Point

Spirit Point- 1 Point

Best Dressed- 1 Point

Outside of those points there will also be a weekly challenge point available.  This provides an extra opportunity for teams to show some spirit and gain an extra point per attendee.  After week one the challenge point will be announced on Sunday night along with our weekly Open wrap up. 

To maximize the fun and competition all members (unlimited PLUS, 12x per month and punch cards) can come to Friday Night Lights without costing yourselves a class!

CrossFit Open 18.1 Challenge point is….

Blue (team men) vs Pink (team women)

Wear your colors on Friday to support your team and get those challenge points in!!!