Catered Life and CrossFit Five Plus

Food may play a bigger role in your fitness than your training, but nutrition is more time consuming and takes much more effort than coming to class for an hour a day. With that being said, there are meal preparation companies out there that take care of this for you! We are lucky to have a high quality food prep service right down the hall in the Cummings Center and are excited to announce that we will be working with them!

Catered life has tons of variety and is customizable to your own nutritional need. Choose to get 5 meals per week or more and you will receive a discount. If you sign up for 2 weeks, monthly, or quarterly you will receive even bigger discounts! See the photo below for those prices.

You can choose any meal from their menu in a small (4oz Protein) or a large (8oz Protein). There are other options to customize your meal even more. If you want a specific amount of healthy carbs or a different combination of protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable for a diet or nutritional challenge you are doing, Catered life will do that for $25/month.

It is so important that we focus on our food not only for fitness gains, but for long term healthy. If you can’t seem to dial in your nutrition here is your chance! There is a sign up sheet in the lobby. Write your name down and fill out your info. Also write next to your name how many meals/week you are looking to get!