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We love to see you inside of the gym, but did you know that there are ways to connect with us outside of the gym too?   Our Blog: If you are reading this...then you [...]

Why Every CrossFitter needs YOGA

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. Flexibility and suppleness that yoga develops can bring your CrossFit training to the next level: overhead squats, back squats, deep ring dips, [...]

Calories Burned and Cardio Machines

Calories burned and Cardio Machines The WOD today has a 50 calorie row sandwiched between what feels like a million wall balls and deadlifts (this isn’t the workout but bear with me). As you get [...]

Why Everyone Should Scale Workouts

Scaling IS for YOU! Can you squat 300 lbs? Run a 6 minute mile? Do 50 unbroken pull ups? If you answers no to any or all of these things, scaling workouts is for you. [...]

Am I Bad at CrossFit?

Am I bad at CrossFit? Often around the open I hear people say something like “wow I really suck at CrossFit” or “why would they think that’s possible for me to do, it’s unfair to [...]

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