Feedback from Members is Paramount

Earlier today we released our weekly programming and at the bottom were links to our new surveys as well as the BON's voting.  There is an entry for your name but this is NOT mandatory [...]

Podium Week is Here!

Do you count your successes?  How often do you?  Is it every day?  Or, is it when we do a named workout or a strength lift only? Too often we chase after benchmarks and [...]

Why You Should Do Sober October

Why you should do a Sober October   This morning I had a Venti Cold Brew from Starbucks at 4:45 AM. I loved it. A lot. Most of us enjoy our cup of coffee in [...]

Making Movement Your Job

We love seeing all of your faces come to the gym each and every day to improve yourself. In the gym you’re lifting, running, doing gymnastics and MOVING with intention and intensity, but thats only [...]

Catered Life Meal Preparation

Catered Life and CrossFit Five Plus Food may play a bigger role in your fitness than your training, but nutrition is more time consuming and takes much more effort than coming to class for an [...]

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