Am I bad at CrossFit?

Often around the open I hear people say something like “wow I really suck at CrossFit” or “why would they think that’s possible for me to do, it’s unfair to the average athlete like me.” Well, you don’t suck at CrossFit, and the open is designed to make sure the best of the best athletes advance to next level of the SPORT. Here is is a laundry list of things that will tell if you’re bad at CrossFit.

  • You’re getting fatter
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Higher Cholesterol
  • Worse relationships
  • Weaker
  • You never make it to class
  • You refuse to work on weaknesses
  • Sicker
  • Less functional
  • Slower
  • More fatigued throughout the day
  • Eating cereal and muffins for breakfast and McDonald’s for lunch


That is how to know if you “suck” at CrossFit. Remember for the majority of us, this is a LIFESTYLE not a sport. Having a 300 lb squat and a 400 lbs deadlift is definitely cool, but it by no means is going to make or break whether or not you live a long, happy, and functional life. Think of all the progress you’ve made in your life since starting CrossFit and forget about trying to RX every workout you do. So yes, go chase after goals, PR lifts, and higher open standings. We want you to push yourself in all aspects of your life including in the gym. Just remember if you fall short it doesn’t make you bad at CrossFit. We are here for happier, healthier, longer lives outside of the gym and of course to have fun along the way!