18.1 Results

The reps are done.  The scores are in.  Mats have been cleaned of our sweat and tears.  18.1 was a great test and was a solid week for us at 5+.  Battle of the Sexes or no Battle of the Sexes, I couldn’t be more impressed with the heart and effort put forward by so many amazing people this past week.

There were tutus of both pink and blue varieties, some first time toes to bar athletes and some people that went into the workout with an “I don’t think I can” attitude and walked out with an “I can’t believe I just did…” amazement.

Spirit Point of 18.1

Derrick Munyon

It is hard to week in and week out come in to Five Plus where everyone seems to be thriving and do your best especially when your body sometimes says I don’t think I want to play today.  Derrick has battled some injuries for a while and still comes in gets after it to his best ability.  I wanted to give him the “spirit” point this week because it is always important to remember that we are training to be our best versions of ourselves


Best Dressed of 18.1

Steve Pruell

All blue, no joke… head to toe with a tutu.  Wish I could give him two points but that would probably be unfair.

Tracy Chait

Wig, Rollerskates, Badass Attitude its hard to give a point to Tracy because this might be what she is wearing right now.  Nonetheless its point worthy.

Jenn Dennett

The tutu is back out – sort of like lights in December and fireworks in July, tutus in February are an annual thing for this rockstar.

Color Points-

Men- 21

Women- 19

Attendance Points-

Men- 29

Women- 24

End of week 1 score-

Men- 52

Women- 45


It is still plenty early, plenty of time for the ladies to get those 7 points back.

On towards 18.2

Challenge Points are –

1- Blue vs Pink

2- Social Media Challenge- Post on social media after you complete 18.2 with a picture of yourself of the aftermath and don’t forget to use #crossfit5plus and #5plusbattleofthesexes