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Who We Are

At CrossFit Five Plus we believe that we can do far more together to shape a community than they could separately.

We believe that quality of movement is more important than just how much people can lift. We want our members to have fitness for a lifetime. It is our desire to help our membership create a paradigm of wellness as whole people, so that they can kick butt in all domains of their lives!

We are happiest, when YOU are succeeding in your family, career, relationships and physical being!

Our shared faith is the foundation for our personal conduct, our relationships with others, and our business. We make it a point to maintain an environment of positivity and excellence that allows our members to feel welcome, safe, and encouraged on any given day whether they just come in to watch others and do recovery work, to fulfill minimum daily movement requirements, or to set new personal records.


Our response to Greg Glassman comments

To our members and community,

We want to start by saying that the reason we started CrossFit Five Plus was because we all had our lives changed in one way or another by the CrossFit methodology and we wanted to help other people do the same.

From the very beginning we have always said that the PLUS of Five Plus was each of you. We believe fully that you each bring something unique and diverse to our communities that no one else can bring, and this diversity is what makes our community so special. The most amazing thing about CrossFit is that it is the great equalizer. It is the place where CEO’s, baristas, soccer moms, plumbers, musicians, college students, special Olympians and kids all share the one thing we all have in common: a body. These bodies and the spirits that dwell in them are all different: different personalities, physical abilities, colors, shapes ages and sizes. The magic is when you are out on those mats (or over zoom) working to YOUR fullest capacity, none of that matters, we are all there as one – working alongside each other, lifting each other up.

With this in mind we want to state that we unequivocally denounce the statements made by Greg Glassman in the last weeks. They are not in line with what we stand for and are NOT in line with what we know CrossFit to be. It is with a very somber heart that we as an ownership team will be deciding how we will be moving forward with CrossFit HQ. In the meantime, please know this. If our community changes, it will only be stronger on the other side, because what we have as a community is stronger than a name and the bonds we have formed go deeper than a brand. We are excited for what the next five plus years have in store for all of us.

In Health,

The CrossFit Five Plus Team


We are now running outdoor classes Monday through Saturday.  The setup for this maintains a minimum distance of 12 feet between members and class sizes are limited to 9.  Members are encouraged to bring their own weights (but all class formats can utilize body weight movements) and disinfectant wipes are provided for those who attend.  While our doors are shut we are still hosting online zoom classes for both general fitness as well as yoga and mobility stretching.


American Red Cross Blood Drives

We are hosting a blood drive at CrossFit Five Plus in coordination with the American Red Cross. We will be hosting drives on Tuesday, June 23 and Tuesday July 21 from 2PM to 7PM. The Red Cross supports a consistent need for blood, and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community.

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2019 Editors’ Choice Award
2018 Readers & Editors’ Choice Award


Learn more to see if we’re a good fit for you!