Reservations and Check-in

Please reserve your classes ahead of time so that our staff can plan for time and space adjustments. Upon arrival at all classes, remember to check in at a kiosk or from your mobile device. If you come to a class that you did not reserve a spot in and it is full, you may be asked to wait for the next class to start.

Midday Express Class

This 45-minute abbreviated session is for professionals and other general members who have busy days and need to get a quick workout in, shower off, grab lunch and head back to the office (or life in general) ready to tackle the second half of the day!

Duration of all sessions are indicated by a numeric suffix in the session title (60 = 60 min, 45 = 45 min, 90=90 min)

**Reservations for 5:00 am classes close at 9:00 pm the night prior. If no one reserves the class by then, it will be cancelled for the following morning to give our coaches some extra sleep.

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