Chris Welch

Chris Welch

Co-Owner/Head Coach

Birthplace: Moorestown, NJ

Certifications/ Accomplishments/Experience:

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Gymnastics

USAW-Level 1 Sport Performance Coach

CPR Certified

First Aid Certified

What is your athletic background? From a young age there wasn’t a sport or activity that I didn’t try.  From lacrosse, to street hockey I tried it all.  Throughout high school I focused on swimming and soccer.  I was fortunate enough to continue to play soccer through my college years and then transitioned into more individual endurance sports.  Throughout my 20’s I ran marathons and competed in triathlons, which I still very much enjoy.

What is your favorite movement:  I like to move weight, so any type of clean is a good time.

What is your Goat (least favorite): Handstand pushups….. without a doubt.

What is your PLUS?  I enjoy the mental aspect of CrossFit more than anything else.  CrossFit challenges my capabilities on a daily basis and takes me to a new level mentally every time I say “YES I CAN!” in the face of every challenge.  Through my time in the Navy I was always challenged in the way to approach and overcome obstacles that appeared insurmountable at first.  Knowing first hand the satisfaction of overcoming these mental obstacles, nothing gets me more excited than seeing an athlete break through a mental barrier and the excitement on their face the first time they achieve something they previously didn’t believe they were capable of.

Why are you excited to be a part of this? I am a better husband, father, friend, and overall person when I am moving and constantly exercising.  I also love working with people.  I don’t know if there could actually be a better place for me than right here.

Favorite Sports Team: The Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite Quote: “In a race, you hit several walls. Every time you hit a wall, it’s a big deciding factor in that race, or in life, if you’re not running. You have a big decision to make. You can either stop at that wall and go parallel left or parallel right. You are looking for that door. When you get to that door you have another decision to make. Should I open it or should I keep it closed. If you keep it closed you made the decision to quit. If you open that door you made the decision to carry on, to continue on your journey or mission, whatever you’re on. I always open that door! Once you open that door, and you go through it, your mind resets and it gives you a few more miles.” -David Goggins, Navy SEAL

Something that surprises people about you:  Up until the age of probably about 11-12 I saw no reason that I couldn’t leave swim practice in my fashionable speedo and ride my bike to McDonalds for a 20 piece set of nuggets and sit in my sandals, speedo and goggles on my head.  I now think of what I would think in my head about a kid looking like that today.

Favorite Cartoon:  It has been a while since I have sat down to watch cartoons.  My dad and I used to watch The Flintstones and Bugs Bunny together, so I will go with one of them.

Favorite Movie: Probably a James Bond flick or almost anything Leonardo DiCaprio has done over the past 10 years (Blood Diamond, The Aviator, J Edgar).  He is pretty stellar.

Favorite Book: Born to Run, The Cost of Discipleship, The Warrior Ethos

Favorite Beer: Newcastle Brown Ale, or Yuengling

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