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Ring row, ring dip, ring push-up,...muscle-up...

Rudimentary movements, perhaps even barely noticeable at the highest performance point in the world (and even on local competitive stages).
Like they're the weightlifters of the sport really
-Daniel Purvis [GBR], London 2012 Bronze medalist
Check out this YouTube clip to hear what an Olympian has to say in three minutes about work on the rings; and if you have another three minutes, here's a rather jaw-dropping performance by the 2012 Lo

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Anthony, 50, Office Manager (2016-01-30)

Please share some of your health journey with us.

I had physical therapy for my neck and shoulders. After recovering I never wanted to do anything to bring that pain back and I thought I would just be limited to much less activity and exercise. After checking with my doctor and after a few classes with CF5+, I was happy to learn I was wrong. My shoulders never felt better and my neck is great.

What made you start at CrossFit Five Plus?

A de

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Tendercrop Farm
I love supporting local businesses that pursue the same goals of health as I do.

Tendercrop Farm has been selling locally grown produce and meats since 1986. Their beautiful, inviting farm and store in Wenham MA is right around the corner from CrossFit Five Plus!

If you know me, then you know I LOVE sweet potatoes. As a sweet potato lover, I have to ask – have you ever tried white sweet potatoes? They sometimes appear at Market Basket, but otherwise are hard to come by.

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Want to know immediately by email when a new blog or WOD post is published on rather than waiting for it to hit social media (and yes, we do publish them to Google+ too)? How about retaining the full content of the posts in your inbox rather than having to look them up online every time you want to see what Thursday’s workout will be? Do you want to know immediately if and when a published post is updated?

We’ve finally got our site's email subscription feature diale

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While we’re working toward consistency or increased output in our workouts, one of the things that can help us keep showing up and pressing through occasional or even persistent discomfort is continually (re)focusing on a purpose beyond the required activity. As we participate in the gym, it can be particularly helpful for us to think about what benefit exists beyond the conditioning, skills, rounds, repetitions, or time to complete.

There are certainly some who want to be better at working

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Hi Guys,
A few notes to throw out there prior to this week.
1- Please come in ready to move the moment the class is scheduled to start.
2- We will be focusing a good bit of time over the next few weeks to teach kipping technique for pull-ups.  Please come in and find a way to be engaged in class.  It is our hope to have some pull-up breakthroughs over the summer!
3- Sarah and I have made bulletproof ice cream 2x over the past few weeks and it is definitely worth sharing.

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What can Olympic gold medalists in weighlifting lift?

In the 2012 London Olympics, a 19-year old woman from Korea won the gold medal in the 69 kg weightlifting class. Jong Sim Rim weighed in at less than 69 kg, snatched 115 kg, and cleaned and jerked 145 kg - do the math, you'll hardly believe it (one kilogram is 2.2 pounds -these ladies literally weigh no more than I do)...

Check out the 2-minute Olympic Channel highlights of that weight class. Enjoy!


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First workout at CrossFit Five Plus: May 2014
What does the CrossFit community mean to me here at the gym?

Yeah, it's been awesome.

Everybody, the coaches, to other people here all cheering you on.

When I came in, I had high expectations of myself; I was soon humbled and...beat down...

...and everybody here at the gym cheering you's like everybody's in together.

It's pretty cool.

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Received a credit card expiration email recently? an error message from your monthly billing? had a credit card lost or stolen and received a replacement?

Add new payment methods (bank account and credit/debit cards) online from most web browsers yourself by logging into Member Connect (use the main menu item above). Navigate to Pay My Bills and you can add payment accounts and pay open balances for your whole family (if we have you correctly set up as a household)!

You can also do the sa

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Life has seasons. I’ve certainly learned this lesson this past year. And with seasons come adjustments.

I am 37 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and this pregnancy has been harder on my body than I ever anticipated. I have not been able to work out since week 32, and before then, I was only able to do a WOD once or twice a week as my body was so incredibly tired. It’s been the longest period of time I haven’t worked out consistently since I joined the cross-country running team in 7th gra

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