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I am a veteran. Proud of it. Joining the U.S. Navy was the best decision I ever made for myself (aside from proposing to Sarah). Some of the best friendships I will ever have were forged through hard times shared with my brothers I deployed with. We will have those memories forever.

Let me be clear. Memorial Day is not to honor my brothers or me, who will enjoy a beer by the grill and yard games. We do not observe Memorial Day for me. We observe it for the men and women that didn’t get to

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Andrew M (first CF5+ attendance 2016-01-06):
The community's just really supportive, they push you in the gym and...they also make really good friends... I've lost 25 pounds so I feel much healthier and I can do things better...
Gordon P (first CF5+ attendance 2014-12-02):
I don't think I would ever push myself this hard if I was working out by myself... I'm healthier than I've ever been, stronger than I probably was 20 years ago, and I really see it in my career and in everything that I do o

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Our hands connect us to many of the tools we use in our workouts. In a couple days with Murph quickly approaching, many of us will be attempting more pull-ups than we have in recent days.
As with most injuries, prevention of hand rips and tears is quicker, easier, and less painful than treatment.

What follows are a few tools, methods, and resources that can help keep our hands whole, functional, and generally pain free for years at a time despite the normal battering of our workouts.

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This weekend I attended the Rhode Island National Guard Open House Airshow in North Kingstown RI. The weather was perfect. The sun was out in full with light cloud cover above the performance ceiling. The temperature was cool and the breeze off the ocean, quite refreshing. It was the most comfortable of any of the airshows I’ve attended in recent years. As always, it was fondly reminiscent of several years of my childhood when Dad would pack us all in the family vehicle for the day and take us

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Two days hence, the valiant leader of the Bearded Babies is to become a Bearded Graduate! (...or will he be clean shaven? Only time will tell!)

While he'll still be around for at least a portion of Tuesday each week, his legacy will continue...every day...for quite some time around here...

In 2014, he came along with wide-eyed wonder...

at the thought of a newly opened CrossFit with a unique collection of new friends.

In 2015, he wore a yellow ribbon...well

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[This expansion on the side note in our initial Hand Care blog post from 2013-12-16 isn’t to provide all the answers, but rather to direct our attention to something not all of us pay close attention to year-round.]

Loss of elasticity in our skin creates greater opportunity for cracking, scraping, peeling, and breakage on impact from everyday activities of life, let alone the rigors and risks of athletic activity (both in and out of the gym). The more elastic and nurtured our skin is over

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Did you know that CrossFit Five Plus has a gym subscription to ROMWOD to help all of our members maintain and increase their range of motion (R.O.M.) and accelerate recovery between workouts?

What is ROMWOD? An acronym derived from "Range of Motion Workout of the Day"...and Coach Pete loves what it does for him!

That's right! All members have access to a set up in the office so you can get some extra stretching and cool down (for extended lengths of time some days if desired), solo or with

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This 90-second Intel commercial from a few years ago says a lot in few words about achievement and heart. Take a quick minute to view its message (apart from the actual intent of the ad):

Several years prior to the release of that commercial, I attended a general session at a weekend business conference that featured Erik Weihenmayer. He told his story so large that it inspired the thousands of attendees to do more for themselves despite their limitations, creating opportunities against

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Ring row, ring dip, ring push-up,...muscle-up...

Rudimentary movements, perhaps even barely noticeable at the highest performance point in the world (and even on local competitive stages).
Like they're the weightlifters of the sport really
-Daniel Purvis [GBR], London 2012 Bronze medalist
Check out this YouTube clip to hear what an Olympian has to say in three minutes about work on the rings; and if you have another three minutes, here's a rather jaw-dropping performance by the 2012 Lo

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Anthony, 50, Office Manager (2016-01-30)

Please share some of your health journey with us.

I had physical therapy for my neck and shoulders. After recovering I never wanted to do anything to bring that pain back and I thought I would just be limited to much less activity and exercise. After checking with my doctor and after a few classes with CF5+, I was happy to learn I was wrong. My shoulders never felt better and my neck is great.

What made you start at CrossFit Five Plus?

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