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Guest blogger Evan Mitchell, New England Academy Class of 2017

As you may or may not know, many of the sprinting world records are held by Usain Bolt, who is considered the fastest human ever. He runs the 100 meters in a world record 9.58 seconds, with a top speed of 12.422 meters per second.

You may notice that if he was able to sustain an average speed of 12.4 meters per second for 100 meters, his time would be considerably faster than 9.58 seconds. This is because Bolt, like all humans

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Guest blogger: Evan Mitchell, New England Academy class of 2017

First workouts at CrossFit Five Plus:

Amanda F. September 1st 2015
Barbra S. November 5 2014
Christine O. January 23rd 2014

What does the community mean to you?

I think for me I just look forward to coming here every day, I used to dread working out and now I look forward to it, and I think that has a lot to do with the community.
...that’s probably the biggest reason...I come here because

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It has come to my attention recently that many people from 5+ suffer from a very dangerous and contagious disease. It is commonly known as “O.C.U.S.” (Over Chalk Usage Syndrome). This is a serious problem that instead of ignoring, I felt might be worth bringing to the forefront of our attention in hopes of helping others avoid contracting the dangerous disease. If you have already contracted it…DON’T STOP READING…THERE IS HOPE!

Talk to many of our law enforcement officials, substanc

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CrossFit is about community. We celebrate each others' triumphs and support each other through losses.

Tory Gray, a local CrossFit cousin, wonderful athlete, and great personality was significantly involved in the initial set up of our Five Plus brand and website. Recently, her and her fiance Brian's home in Reading was ravaged by fire and all its contents lost.

A fundraiser has been set up by CrossFit Wicked coach and friend Joe Valenzuela (also instrumental in early Five Plus fo

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Do What Works for You
Every weekend I take about an hour or two to meal prep for the week ahead. Some people dread doing this but I look forward to it! I genuinely enjoy setting myself up for success in the week ahead and planning what will be on the menu for the upcoming week. If the idea of meal prepping intimidates you, I am going to try to break it down for you in a couple easy steps. I will also explain what I do for meal prep on any given week.

Put your apron on and get ready to cook!

350 MILES???
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Guest blogger Evan Mitchell, New England Academy class of 2017

The world record for longest run without stopping is 350 miles, held by Dean Karnazes. The run took 80 hours and was made possible by a rare genetic condition which allows Karnazes’ body to rapidly flush lactic acid and prevent it from building up. He said that during the run he fell asleep and continued running that way. During the last 50 miles Karnazes said that he felt totally dissociated with his body and couldn’t even fe

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First workout at CrossFit Five Plus: Aug 2015

...for years I've been struggling with going to the gym and doing the same old routine...CrossFit has made me extremely motivated to come in 'cause it's constant's different every day.

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Energy balls
If you have an Instagram I’m sure you have seen the recent craze about energy balls in the paleo community! For my birthday last year I got a food processor and at first I was so excited to use it, and then I realized I didn’t know what I was going to make! So I joined the band wagon and tried someone else’s energy ball recipe, which eventually evolved into my own creation. Fistbumps.

I made these delicious balls of yum when my brother and I were home alone and after dinne

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The CrossFit Journal is a the industry resource for our core training method, digging deep into the what's, why's, and how's of the CrossFit philosophy and global community. It's educational, inspirational, entertaining, and can be somewhat...addicting...

Posts ranging from pointers for today's main site workout and recent video contest submissions, all the way back to classic information like Coach Greg Glassman's original Foundations article (always a great revisit) and What is CrossF

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OK it's time…time to get your Murph on.

There are very few WODs that inspire and scare so many people around the world all at the same time. If you ask me, it’s a favorite. Sometimes the difference between hating and enjoying a WOD is all in the mental preparation and the game plan prior.

The total volume of Murph is no joke so it’s important to have a plan to succeed. So, let me talk you through a few options.

Murph is…

run 1 mile

100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 a

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