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High intensity - it's one of the three defining concepts of CrossFit: constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.

The results we achieve in our fitness, in our work, in our lives, are directly tied to the amount of time, energy, and focus we put toward each effort. Every time we show up to participate in our workouts, we put forth effort to achieve positive change (otherwise, why would we show up at all?). How much effort and the quality thereof determine the amount or degree of o

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Who has been there?

In the middle of a life situation, or workout for that matter and it feels like there is noise coming at your head from all directions.  We can't concentrate because our vision of what is going on in life has vanished due to the stress of the immediate situation.  Expectations are beating down on us and seem impossible to accomplish... suddenly compromise or quitting enters our mind as options where only an hour prior it wasn't even a thought.


It feels as if

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This past weekend Sarah and I took an 8-hour road trip (usually 6) to visit my family for Easter weekend and introduce baby Samuel to the Welch clan.  I could not have been more excited for the opportunity to show off my son and celebrate the weekend with parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.  We had this planned since the day he was born and on Thursday at 1PM the trek began.


Upon leaving Beverly, Sam fell asleep and stay in the comatose state all the way to Hartford.  I

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Virtuosity and Perseverance

Virtuosity- Doing the common, uncommonly well.

Perseverance- Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

The above are two characteristics that we as CrossFit athletes we often glaze over and look past in order to attain instant RESULTS.  

What do I mean by that???

Do we want strict pull-ups, or are we more interested in kipping just to get our chin over that bar?  Or… “I know my push-ups are supposed to be

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Reflecting, Goal Setting and Getting It!
-Coach Chris-

What a week we just had! I can’t say enough after we finished Week 1 of the 2015 CrossFit Open. Looking back on the past year and using it to reflect upon what our community did this past Friday, I can only say that I am AMAZED, and MOTIVATED!

So many personal bests were accomplished during 15.1 and so many fears were destroyed. Whether it was attempting a new movement or moving a new max weight, the CF5+ crew brought their best and

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In health and fitness, it has been said that 80% of your results can be attributed to diet – what you fuel your body with. In the same manner, one widely used principle states that your life will go in the direction of your most dominant thoughts; that is, the information you choose to feed your mind with – what you see, what you hear, and whom you associate with – has much to do with the results you are producing, and will produce, in every major domain of life.

With that in mind, as p

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Unfortunate as it is, life isn't all 100% awesome (though mine is pretty close most of the time). The last few weeks I've been away may have seemed like a vacation party in one of Earth's paradise locations from the few photos and posts I released to social media, but it was far from a pleasure trip. I just did my best to not miss out on some aspects of vacation while there. My reason for picking up and heading out on short notice (we had our flights booked and schedules rearranged wit

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Your mental muscle drives your physical muscle!

Do you remember the first time you jumped off of the diving board as a kid? For most people it is one of the more intimidating summer activities. However, once we did it the first time, there was usually no stopping us from repeating 1,000 more times...or until our parents have to physically stop us from jumping back in because the pool has been closed for 30 minutes and the fifteen yearold lifeguard is waiting to go home.

Think about it thou

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If you've been among the CrossFit community for any significant length of time, you've already seen them online or in person (if you're a newbie, just will shortly) - rips in athletes' hands from the rather quick build-up and subsequent in-workout "removal" of calluses. [We've refrained from posting any graphic examples here (there are plenty out there) for the benefit of those who happen to be heading right into a nutritious meal or getting ready for a great night's sleep.]


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