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Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   July 24, 2017  |   0 Comments

Sometimes it's not about our own successes. Sometimes it's about the other guy or girl - the one who finishes the workout first, the one who hits a new personal record (PR) when our own performance is slightly less than what we'd like it to be; the one who just completed his first full week of classes; or even the one who trudged through a tough workout, finished it last but left everything on the mats because that's how badly s/he wanted to finish.

Sometimes we're not the stars of the show..

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   July 17, 2017  |   0 Comments

A week ago Saturday, I teamed up with John D in Coach Andrew M's first shot at writing a boot camp - boy was it a doozy! (Can I get a witness?)

It was a paired workout - while one teammate ran two laps or held a plank, the other completed reps. Chipping away at the workload, partners alternated roles throughout the 40 minute time cap:

200 burpees (2 laps)
1000' walking lunges (plank hold)
200 squats (2 laps)
1000' walking lunges (plank hold)
200 ring rows (2 laps)

We showe

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   July 10, 2017  |   0 Comments

Remember when you were a young child ready to take on anything and everything?

You had no fear of pain or failure. You had no thought of others' opinions. You couldn't yet speak in full sentences, but whenever an adult or an older child wanted to help you do something you knew you could do on your own (or wanted to try), you vehemently exclaimed with everything your little lungs could muster, "I do it!"

Perhaps that wasn't exactly your personal experience, but chances are you're familiar

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   July 3, 2017  |   0 Comments

It's that time again - time to scrap the score of missed goals and opportunities from the prior quarter and time to reset the counters! It's the first week of July - new week, new month, new quarter, beginning the second half of 2017!

The world is all yours again, yours for the taking!

Click your counters back to zero and set some new goals. Set easily attainable ones for short-term and intermediate milestone morale boosts, and set stretch goals for long-range motivation and a "let's see

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   June 26, 2017  |   0 Comments

Want to do something great for yourself and for the world around you today and everyday? How about this? - WIN!

Ask any of my family - it's not a rarity that upon finding a solution to a complex problem (sometimes even a simple one) or completing a difficult task I exclaim, arms raised overhead in triumph, "I win!". The feeling I get from having "won" each small contest gives me the confidence to take on the next larger one that shows up in time, knowing, as a small shepherd boy in an anci

Sarah Welch  |   blog  |   June 19, 2017  |   0 Comments

This year, in July, we will host our first ever Women in Business Expo!

We want to take time to celebrate some of the amazing women on the North Shore who are entrepreneurs, life changers, moms, daughters, and sisters, and who generally speaking, kick some major butt! On Friday July 28, at 6:00 PM, we will open our 9,000 square foot space to the public while these stellar women showcase their stuff at tables to provide information, sell and talk all about what they do! [Note for CF5+ membe

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   June 15, 2017  |   0 Comments

Jenn D., Music Teacher

First class at CrossFit Five Plus: January 6, 2014
I had two top priorities when I was seeking out a new gym: a great workout and a supportive community. I have found both in CrossFit Five Plus. The On Board Foundations series gave me the opportunity to learn about CrossFit and get to know the people — and I knew before the two weeks were up that I had found the right place for me. I look forward to every visit because I know that not only will I get a great worko

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   June 14, 2017  |   0 Comments

In just about a month it'll be eight years since my first CrossFit workout.

I remember enjoying the community aspect of that first workout a whole lot after having spent several months flying solo with a video workout program in my basement six days a week.

I remember the feeling that CrossFit was a seriously kick-butt workout and how much I enjoyed that too. Today, I recognize that it was really just a tiny introduction to the expansive world of strength, conditioning, and skill that Cr

Jessie Castelline  |   blog  |   June 13, 2017  |   0 Comments

Its officially barbecue season! This is something I came up with last year during my lacrosse season. I just threw all these leftover ingredients together not quite sure how it would turn out and lo and behold it has become one of my and my family's favorite dishes. This is usually how the best recipes come about…throwing random ingredients together! This is an easy and quick one-dish meal that you can add some broccoli, steak, or a side salad to, or just eat it on its own. It is a quick and e

Brandon Arakaki  |   blog  |   June 12, 2017  |   0 Comments

10 more reasons to show up:

There are always new skills to acquire and things to get better at - an ever-present challenge
You once tired of going through the same workout routine over and over...and over...
Someone else is always looking forward to seeing you in class
You don't want a sedentary life to be your demise
The sense of accomplishment after each workout is significantly fulfilling
You're a professional but working out isn't (ever going to be) your profession

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