I Win!

I Win!

Brandon Arakaki| blog| June 26, 2017| 0 Comments

Want to do something great for yourself and for the world around you today and everyday? How about this? – WIN!

Ask any of my family – it’s not a rarity that upon finding a solution to a complex problem (sometimes even a simple one) or completing a difficult task I exclaim, arms raised overhead in triumph, “I win!“. The feeling I get from having “won” each small contest gives me the confidence to take on the next larger one that shows up in time, knowing, as a small shepherd boy in an ancient story said to himself about his giant of an enemy, “The lion bit it, the bear bit it, and this giant is about to take a serious one to the forehead too!” (significantly paraphrased).

Yes, to be the winner in any particular contest requires the ultimate focus and dedication to the cause of winning in that particular event, there’s no denying that – there is only one for each contest and that’s not at all the context of this post. To be the winner one must master that thing and perform better than anyone else in the world in that contest, and s/he should enjoy her/his title while it lasts.

Ponder for a moment that winning and being the winner are two completely separate things. CrossFit and life are not contests among equals – all of us have different strengths, weaknesses, confidences, and fears; we can all outperform someone in something but we can’t all outperform everyone else in everything. We can’t all win in the same things – even the highest achiever will be passed up daily by someone else in some good thing (many others in many good things actually). We each need to find a way to win in our days without requiring ourselves (or adding the pressure) to be the winner every day.

In your workouts this week, in your work and in your life, set the parameters in your own mind to define your own terms of victory, then set out to crush your predefined challenges – decide on your objectives and do what it takes to make them happen. In doing so, you will win, and when you win in your own contest, your prize will be the ability to celebrate your own achievement (in whatever unique way you wish), then set your sights on an even higher achievement the next time.

You can win today! Whether your contest is just you vs a box jump, you vs a deliverable on the job, you vs making your parent or spouse smile, or you vs 500 other athletes in an ultimate triathlon, how many times this week will you throw your hands up, smile huge, and yell to yourself (and anyone else who may be within earshot) “I WIN!!!“?

Decide, execute, WIN and celebrate!

Happy Monday!


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