I Do It!

I Do It!

Brandon Arakaki| blog| July 10, 2017| 0 Comments

Remember when you were a young child ready to take on anything and everything?

You had no fear of pain or failure. You had no thought of others’ opinions. You couldn’t yet speak in full sentences, but whenever an adult or an older child wanted to help you do something you knew you could do on your own (or wanted to try), you vehemently exclaimed with everything your little lungs could muster, “I do it!

Perhaps that wasn’t exactly your personal experience, but chances are you’re familiar with the scenario. There’s a phrase, “child-like faith”, that is at the root of this oh-so-familiar story line, and it’s that piece of your story that we challenge you to reclaim now – the piece of you that sees what someone else has done, and causes you to say to yourself without apprehension, “If s/he can do it, then I’ll do it too!”

Remember? It’s probably how you learned to walk, crawl up the stairs, screw the lid onto the cookie jar, and even speak in your native language.

You had no fear.

You had no reason to doubt yourself.

You had no care for public opinion.

If it was something you wanted to do, you were going to do it – unassisted, on your own terms.

Today, as you begin another week – of fitness, of professional endeavor, of life – make the decision (and even shout it aloud to yourself while looking intently into the mirror if you need to): “I do it!”

Take your challenge head-on, free yourself from the need to perform for anyone else but yourself, and rewind in your mind to a time that you didn’t know the word “impossible”. We’re here watching, encouraging you to try – to do; and we’ll be here to cheer and celebrate your achievements when you make them happen.

Look yourself dead in the eyes in the mirror before your biggest challenge of the day and say to yourself with the resolve and faith of a little child…

I DO IT!!!

Happy Monday!


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