Fun and Functional – Forever!

Fun and Functional – Forever!

Brandon Arakaki| blog| July 17, 2017| 0 Comments

A week ago Saturday, I teamed up with John D in Coach Andrew M’s first shot at writing a boot camp – boy was it a doozy! (Can I get a witness?)

It was a paired workout – while one teammate ran two laps or held a plank, the other completed reps. Chipping away at the workload, partners alternated roles throughout the 40 minute time cap:

  • 200 burpees (2 laps)
  • 1000′ walking lunges (plank hold)
  • 200 squats (2 laps)
  • 1000′ walking lunges (plank hold)
  • 200 ring rows (2 laps)

We showed up; we participated; we got a great workout in. We met some new people or got to connect with some we hadn’t seen in awhile; we had a hour of fun with friends and fitness. We got everything we wanted out of the experience except…we didn’t’ finish the workout – John and I made an executive decision to skip the second round of walking lunges/planks and went right to the ring rows where we only got 10 and 15, respectively, before the buzzer. We were done.

Sometimes it’s not about the score. Sometimes it’s not about the leader board (quite seldom for me, actually). Sometimes it’s just about the simple satisfaction of steady exertion over an extended period of time. Sometimes it’s about meeting new people and having fun with friends we enjoy being in the trenches with. Sometimes it’s about waking the body up with movement or getting rid of some of the week’s stresses.

It’s never about making anyone (member, visitor, or viewer) feel less-than, incapable, deficient, or lacking. What we do is not about some exclusive right to perform physical feats that are outside of the reach of most of our friends and acquaintances, thus intimidating them so much that they don’t even want to try. If they really understood what it took to get us to where we are and where we actually started from, they really would understand that they can do it too.

Every time we take on another workout, it’s about holding onto our current level of personal awesomeness and doing something to increase it, extending our functional lives one more day. Doesn’t matter if nobody else recognizes it – nobody else knows the whole story of our lives, what we’ve overcome to get here, and where we’re heading.

We’re awesome, we know it, and we love the opportunity to show it! Every day, every workout, every movement, every breath, every drop of perspiration – the game is on and we’re all our own personal star players.

When we’re 90-110 years old, nobody’s likely to to remember (or even care about) how we could perform when we were in our 20’s, 40’s, or 60’s – the ones who matter most to us will be happy that we extended our functional lives by doing what we’re doing today.

Come on in and whether we finish the workout, beat our personal bests, or sit atop the leaderboard, let’s have fun today and live functionally for a long, long time.

Happy Monday!

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