Coach Chris’s 8 Ways to have your best 2018

Coach Chris’s 8 Ways to have your best 2018

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to write your resolutions on the refrigerator (or Facebook).  Time to look in the mirror and say, “see ya later 2017, here I come 2018!”.  Time to get excited about growth in the gym and hopefully that leads to growth in in every aspect of life.

With all of this being the case here are my 8 pointers in how to make 2018 the best year you have had since the Philadelphia Eagles won their last Super Bowl (hint- they have never won a Super Bowl).

1- Write Goals- Establish some big goals and some smaller short term goals that will help us get to our big goal.  Want a 300lb back squat?  Lets think about an incremental climb towards 300 based upon where you are today.  This way we don’t feel like we are failing our goal if we aren’t at 330 by June.

2-  Rewire your vocabulary!  Get into the habit of empowering yourself as opposed to talking yourself down…  Get out of the world of “I can’t” and embrace the world of “I CAN”… Find a way to look at every workout or every situation in life as an opportunity instead of your metaphorical death sentence.

3- Spend time with high quality people.  Quite simple, we are strengthened by awesome people.

4-  Eat high quality food.  Food matters-  “you are what you eat” is cliche however so true.  If you put junky gas into a Ferrari, you won’t have a quality engine after a while and it will infect every aspect of that car.  Feed yourself the fuel that will empower the Ferrari that you all are.

5-  Get into good rhythms and stick to them.  Establish a schedule that allows you to succeed in life… don’t pack it with everything all at once because we are destined to fail if we try to flip our life upside down in one week.

6-  Have a “Get out of a slump” plan.  Something so many people never think about is…”How do I get out of a rut once I fall in?”  It is almost guaranteed that you won’t have 365 perfect days.. so with that being all but a fact, how can you set up a routine that allows you to wake up and break unhealthy patterns once they sneak back into our life.  Find someone that you can ask to help you with this and prep them with your strategy.  Haven’t worked out in 2 weeks? They show up at your house with a signed document that allows them to drag you outside and make you do burpees in your front yard 🙂  Get AFTER IT!

7-   Sleep!  I can promise you that if you establish a healthy relationship with sleep that you will automatically want to make better choices across the board because you feel rested and recharged.  Stop drinking the 3PM latte and get ready to let your body, rest.

8-  Have FUN!  You will succeed more often if you have fun while doing it.  As I have watched my son tackle life for 3 years he smiles more than anyone I know and its because having fun is his #1 priority.  Maybe we can’t all sit around and play hide and seek while eating peanut butter and bananas, but the choices we do make in life outside of our responsibilities should promote us having fun and enjoying our life.

Outside of that-  please always reach out to any of the 5 Plus staff to set up times to talk about your gym experience, relationship with food, relationship with burpees or relationship with the air bike… We are committed to coming along side of all of you to help you have the best 2018 you can.

-Coach Chris

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