Burn Vs. Endurance Club

Burn Vs. Endurance Club

We are so excited to kick off our extra classes this week! Starting Monday (1/8/18) Barbell Club, Endurance Club, and Burn will be offered multiple times per week. If you are looking to improve your Olympic lifts and get stronger, Barbell Club is for you. However, today we’re going to talk about the differences between Burn and Endurance Club and why you may want to take part in one vs. the other. Keep in mind that to increase overall fitness and live a longer, healthier, more functional life we believe that CrossFit is the best training method and should be the majority of classes you take.


Burn classes will consist of high intensity, short bursts followed by a low intensity and/or rest period. The purpose of this style of training is to raise your heart rate, then let it stabilize so you can raise it again. The rest periods will allow you to push your heart rate up higher than a longer, paced workout and will tax your system in a way that drives fat loss. The high intensity burst create an enormous oxygen deficit causing your body to ask for more 02. Repeating one-hundred percent efforts several times results in an after burn effect (excess post oxygen consumption for you science nerds like myself) meaning your body will work hard for a long period of time after working out to replenish oxygen stores, and in turn burn more calories throughout the day. Many CrossFit workouts use this same premise.

Endurance club

Endurance classes will consist of lower intensity, longer efforts with minimal rest. The purpose of this style of training is to increase your capacity to remain active over a long period of time. Doing work at 60-80% of your max effort will allow you to build an “Engine” meaning you can maintain a sustained effort for a long period of time.  While fat loss can absolutely occur from doing endurance workouts, this is not the primary focus. Endurance style workouts are for you if you have goals such as running a 5K, half marathon, Spartan races, or you just want get better at longer CrossFit workouts. Endurance club will also give you an opportunity to improve your running, rowing, and biking technique from the coaching on the floor.

Can’t wait to see you all on the floor.

-Coach Andrew


Endurance Club

Training Methodology

High Intensity, low skill movements executed on short burst and recovery interval.

Low to medium intensity work performed for long periods.


Cause dramatic fluctuations in heart rate levels

Increase aerobic capacity


Afterburn effect (fat loss throughout the day)

Ability to sustain a moderate pace for a longer period of time.

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