About the Other Guy/Girl

About the Other Guy/Girl

Brandon Arakaki| blog| July 24, 2017| 0 Comments

Sometimes it’s not about our own successes. Sometimes it’s about the other guy or girl – the one who finishes the workout first, the one who hits a new personal record (PR) when our own performance is slightly less than what we’d like it to be; the one who just completed his first full week of classes; or even the one who trudged through a tough workout, finished it last but left everything on the mats because that’s how badly s/he wanted to finish.

Sometimes we’re not the stars of the show…and that’s completely fine. In fact, a larger percentage of the time, we’re not going to be. That’s the beauty of the community we work out in. That’s the wonderful thing about the culture we’ve enjoyed for three and a half years at Five Plus.

It doesn’t matter if you’re atop the leaderboard more often than not, if your most recorded score is “DNF” (did not finish), or if you’ve never once checked the “RX” (prescribed) box when logging your workout. You’re part of a whole that’s definitely bigger than the sum of its parts and we appreciate that.

This week, when you’re in the trenches, think about the other guy/girl – the one next to you who might secretly be looking for a little bit of encouragement but is too new, too scared, too tired, or maybe even too proud to ask for it. Lend a smile, a cheer, or even a strong encouragement (a.k.a. bark) to help the other guy/girl make it though. In the end the more of us who finish our challenges or push through them until the time’s up, the stronger our community will be!

Speaking of which, join us this Friday evening from 6:00-9:00 PM for our Women in Business Expo, featuring local champions of business, each taking on her own challenges and overcoming them every day to help someone else somewhere – the other guy/girl. Everyone’s invited to come browse the expo free and if you’re a woman in business still looking to get in on hosting a table, give a shout – we can still accept registrations ($75) for a couple more days.

Happy Monday!


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