10 Reasons to Show Up (Part 2)

10 Reasons to Show Up (Part 2)

Brandon Arakaki| blog| June 12, 2017| 0 Comments

10 more reasons to show up:

  1. There are always new skills to acquire and things to get better at – an ever-present challenge
  2. You once tired of going through the same workout routine over and over…and over…
  3. Someone else is always looking forward to seeing you in class
  4. You don’t want a sedentary life to be your demise
  5. The sense of accomplishment after each workout is significantly fulfilling
  6. You’re a professional but working out isn’t (ever going to be) your profession
  7. Smiles abound from the start of class to the end
  8. You hope to be one of the most active and functional “old people” around when you grow up
  9. Lots of fellow members are heading in the same direction toward healthy lifestyles with you
  10. PEOPLE! There are people to talk to in class (a.k.a. a captive audience)!

Why do you show up? Share some of your reasons below!

[Missed the first ten reasons? Check ’em out here.]

Happy Monday!


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